Many of the experiences of our founders come from their time in the automotive industry, which places us in a different position than other consulting companies regarding knowledge of production processes whose management can be robotic.

Our robots interact with CAD systems, automatic designers, planning tools for industrial process times, maintenance systems, and asset management, among others.


Operations in a short time is one of the main challenges in the educational industry, the reliability of the information used and / or modified during the execution of repetitive tasks with data linked to the curriculum of students and teachers is of utmost importance to certify the suitability of the training given to students and users in general of the national educational system. Our robots facilitate and ensure these tasks automatically and with minimum human intervention.


Due to its purely transactional nature and large volumes of operation, this is one of the pioneering industries in the intensive use of process robotics, our knowledge in the use of advanced analytical technology rule engines and other fundamental components to achieve stability and scalability in the intervention carried out in financial processes provide us with a differential to consider in choosing your robotics providers.