One of the greatest challenges to scale applications and also make them maintainable over time is to provide what is necessary so that when the business undergoes a change, it can be included in the operation of the application at very little cost and very quickly.


There are systems based on BPM and/or Workflow that facilitate the tasks of maintenance and extensibility of the applications. In PrevalentWare, we go a little further and have specialized in the creation, configuration, and use of rule engines, which can be deterministic. , stochastic or even based on Fuzzy rules.


These rule engines have user interfaces intuitive enough to be used by the functional leaders of the processes, so that their maintenance is carried out as close as possible to the place where the change is defined, saving the way of writing technical specifications for systems engineers, who must code these rules within each system in question.

The rule engines we use are available for integration using WebServices, events queues and APIs REST.